Pakistan Power Merchants Try To Obtain The Authority of Agen
  • EDIT:jiuroadparking
  • TIME:2016-06-04 17:13

    It is such a delight to have friends coming from afar. Recently, Jiu Road Parking have two customers from Pakistan.
    Pakistan customers said they have a lot of confidence in Jiu Road vertical rotary parking system after the early stage of the communication. The main purpose of this time is to carry out the equipment procurement matters for the constructing project. More important is meeting with company executives and negotiate agent cooperation scheme.
Firstly, company welcomed the arrival of the Palestinian friends, and invited customers to visit the second generation of the vertical rotary garage workshop and equipment installation and commissioning. On site, customer experienced the access process with the help of staff. Give equipment extremely high opinion and said the equipment into Pakistan market must be very popular.
    After the visit, the Pakistan customers held talks with the company's leadership, said they hope to obtain the authority of agency of the second generation vertical rotary parking system in Pakistan. The chairman of Jiu road parking said Jiuhong heavy industry group have maintained good relations of cooperation for years with Pakistan customers, would like to thank the trust first. Second, we attach great importance to the cooperation with Pakistan, we are not only partners, but also a sincere friend, believe that this is a pleasant cooperation.
    China-Pakistan friendship has a long history and Pakistan is brother of China forever. Thanks for VIP arrival, Jiu Road Parking look forward to add harmony for the China-Pakistan friendship river.