“Build a Parking System,Erect a Monument”,Shandong J
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  • TIME:2016-11-04 17:06

    Shandong Jiuroad Parking Equipment Co.,LTD won the tender of the Jiangsu Province Yancheng City Dafeng People Hospital Parking System project,which is the largest vertical rotary parking system project in China So far.Since we won the bid at 28th September,Shandong Jiu Road parking actively involved in the overall construction of the project, the current Dafeng project department has basically completed the pre-foundation work, rear equipment production has also been completed, achieved initial results. The General Mobilization Conference, Shandong Jiuroad parking full access to "A combat readiness", tackling tough, to successfully complete the project installation and operation of Jiangsu Dafeng Tender.
    Time fly,Since have 7 days for installation .Time is short, the task is heavy; the weather gradually cools, the project main body cross operations and other unfavorable factors become Shandong Jiuroad parking "stumbling block". However, the "narrow road meet the brave win", Shandong Jiuparking all the staff surmount, to ensure that every aspect of the work are satisfactorily completed to ensure the scheduled delivery of the installation. "Two to ensure" is the Shandong Jiuroad parking all the staff are not afraid of difficulties, the courage to highlight the spirit of the show, is also on theJiuroad, Shandong Jiuroad comprehensive confidence in their own car full of confidence in the perfect embodiment.
    Shandong Jiuroad Parking Vice General Manager ,Chen Guoyun issued a crucial mobilization war order, requiring all departments to unify their thinking, tackling tough. Through the ideological understanding so that employees understand the crucial stage of the battle of the grim situation and the importance of a clear focus of departmental work, the use of effective time, do solid work, grab grasp the early, together overcome toughs. Each department to develop a detailed work plan, according to the "inverted schedule" method to ensure the completion of the same day workload, the use of "quantitative assessment" approach to ensure that the target control effect. And requirements, the full implementation of safety and quality objectives, increase management, the implementation of job responsibility and accountability system. Production, technology, quality inspection departments of all processes, all links, in strict accordance with the quality standard procedures for effective operation, and strengthen the process control, especially the details of the control, the production of key parts and key processes, set up care, responsible; product quality. Leaders of various departments, will take the lead, set an example, play a good role model
    Jiuroad Parking Chairman Chen Jinshui emphasized that we have to race against time, to come up with "Try to Compare height withe Sky” pride, there must be drastic, courage and courage of the last fight, but also have a decisive battle to win the conviction. To carry forward the work style of continuous fighting, complete of the 10th,Nov vertical rotary parking equipment success come into installation of the task, in particular, Reached a "build a parking system,erect a monument" the grand goal.