Third quarter of 2016 bidding for public projects of mechani
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  • TIME:2016-10-19 17:05

    Only one successful bidder of Vertical rotary parking equipment projects --Shandong Jiu Road Parking Equipment Co.,Ltd
    Time flies, 2016 years have passed mostly. In the third quarter, China parking network-- parking authority information agencies, announced a tender in the third quarter. Bid amount the top ten items only in a vertical rotary parking project by the Shandong road parking equipment company won the bid.
    Shandong Jiu road parking equipment Corporation won the bid of the intelligent parking project in Yancheng Dafeng, Jiangsu Province, It is by far Chinese largest vertical rotary parking lot. Gain this good achievement fully illustrated, Shandong Jiuroad parking in the area of vertical rotary parking equipment strength, and laid in the industry "leader" status. Shandong Jiu Road parking devote to build vertical rotary parking equipment No 1 brand in the industry, advanced technology and installation experience has become the industry standard, leading the development of intelligent parking, make contribution to Chinese parking industry.