Shandong Jiuroad Parking have Business Negotiation With Bei
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  • TIME:2016-11-05 17:04

    On Nov 5th,Beijing Shougang City Transport CO.,LTD general manager Su gang,Business Manager He Shoushe visit Shandong Jiuroad Parking Equipment CO.,LTD for business negotiation and market cooperate.
    Beijing Shougang City Transport CO.,LTD(Short for “Beijing Shougang”)which is under the development strategy framework of the ”transformation of the city integrated service providers” of the Shougang Group,Which is the professional company for implementation of industrial restructuring and formation and Integration Shougang city operations.The core business is the smart vertical rotary parking system investment,construction and operation. In order to alleviate the problem of urban parking difficult to provide intelligent integrated solutions, and actively improve the three-dimensional parking garage supporting services.
    Shougang City Transport General Manager Su Gang pointed out that Shougang City Transport and Shandong JiuRoad parking can be said to be "know each other early", is like-minded two companies are committed to the smart parking system to ease the pressure on city parking, better urban life . Shandong Jiuroad Parking vertical rotary technology accumulation and process precipitation trustworthy, and said that the two sides will expand brand awareness and influence, on the two sides of the enterprise for further cooperation with confidence. 
    Shandong Jiuroad Parking Equipment CO.,LTD Mr.Chen emphasized that this return visit of Shougang Chengyun can be called”hand in hand”for the two side to create an important opportunity for cooperation. Jiuroad parking adhere to the "high quality" concept, in the continuous improvement and optimization, higher precision, more powerful configuration, as the industry leader in similar products; vertical circular three-dimensional garage with superior performance by domestic and foreign customers Of the sought after. And hope that through the Shougang City Transport hand in hand to achieve complementary advantages to enable enterprises to scale new heights, so that Shandong Jiuroad parking "Build a Parking System,Erect a Monument," the brand concept to be more perfect display.