Shandong Jiu Road Parking and Simmatec International Corp si
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  • TIME:2016-10-20 17:11

    On October 19, CEO of Simmatec Mr.Gary Seok Won Ko, and Chief Engineer Mr.Jea Jong Chung came to visit Shandong Jiu Road Parking Equipment Ltd for business negotiations and signed the strategic cooperation agreement. Simmatec International Corp was established  in Italy , growing in Korea, with 40 years of history, 1992 built the first stereo garage project.  In 2006, set up a joint venture company in Thailand. The distributors cover In Korea, Thailand,  Viet Nam,  Israel,  Singapore,  Iran, Malaysia, Kazakhstan, South Africa, the Czech Republic, China, and Oman.  In Korea built 79 projects, Italy 43 projects, other overseas market built over 10 projects.
Sino-South Korean signed the strategic cooperation agreement.
    CEO of Sino-South Korean give gifts to each other, meaningful,deep friendship, strategic cooperation Conference held in a cordial and friendly atmosphere.
    CEO of Shandong Jiu Road Parking Chen Jinshui introduced that Shandong road parking equipment company belong to Jiuhong heavy industry group, is a set of intelligent parking system integrated development, design, manufacture, installation and after-sales service manufacturing enterprise. Based on nearly 20 years experience in the construction machinery manufacturing, through the digestion and absorption of advanced production technology and processes, currently in parking industry of China has established a good reputation. Chairman Mr Chen proposed advanced concept, "Building a garage, and set up a monument" and pointed out that Shandong Jiu road parking advocate cooperation total win makes "craftsman spirit" in Enterprise Exchange field get has useful extends, China and Korea within a same culture circle, two companies  are powerful enterprise in same industry, in of culture and industry based, both parties hand in hand to cooperate,  future cooperation must will go better and further.
    Simmatec CEO Mr.Gary Seok Won Ko expressed thanks for Mr chen’s hospitality, and great appreciated for Chairman Chen Jinshui  proposed "modular production, standardized manufacturing".  After viewing the products working, Mr.Gary Seok Won Ko  highly praised on rotary parking system more than 10 kinds of safety devices. In his opinion, the vertical rotary parking equipment comply with  "Chinese national conditions", based on our unique advantages, smart parking systems will become the "main product" in China. And said South Korea will actively advance strategic cooperation and docking, lay a win-win basis, building a multi-level and all-round cooperation framework.
    CEO of Sino-South Korean enterprise take photos in front of the vertical rotary parking equipment.
This strategic cooperation had fruitful result, Sino-South Korean company CEO exchanged views, improve the cooperation mechanism, and reached broad consensus. Strategic cooperation agreement signing laid a solid foundation for Sino-South Korean enterprise cooperation . They said they will aim at strategic planning, firm pace, deepen mutually beneficial cooperation, and hearts meet sing and seek common development "cooperation".