Shandong Jiuroad Parking Co.,ltd and South Korea DRS Daewoo
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  • TIME:2016-09-21 17:10

    September 21th afternoon, South Korea's Daewoo Royal System Co., Ltd. President Jiang Chengxun made a special trip from South Korea to visit the Jiuroad parking equipment Co., Ltd. Held strategic cooperation in business negotiations.
    Daewoo Royal System Co., Ltd, is a subsidiary of Daewoo Group, which has been engaged in the design, manufacture and construction of Smart Cubic parking System with more than 20 years experience,and has been designed in Korea, India, Singapore, UAE, build more than 500 Cubic parking system, the accumulation of around the world advanced design concepts of Cubic parking system, rich experience, brand awareness, the annual output value of several hundred million dollars in the international area of smart  parking reputation.
   The two sides singed a strategic cooperation intention, President Jiang Chengxun believes that the two sides have taken each step in the establishment of a new height, and usher in an important historical moment. Daewoo and Shandong Jiuroad parking Co.,ltd ’s cooperation will be conducive to jointly optimize the vertical circulation of cubic parking industry, fully integrated their respective advantages, so as to boost the nine-way parking brand. At the same time that the strong combination of the two sides will be develop a positive impact on smart parking industry.
    chairman Chen Jinshui pointed out that through common efforts, both Chinese and South Korean enterprises can carry out all-round, multi-level flexible cooperation, integration of resources, a total of promoting development, concentric build intelligent parking new glory. And stressed that this strategic cooperation marks the Shandong nine road parking depth exchange of an important milestone for the Shandong nine road parking multi-dimensional embrace the global market has laid a strength base.