China Shandong Jiu Road Parking and Iraq RABAT company signe
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  • TIME:2016-10-25 17:10

    On October 25, The leader of RABAT company Mohammed Aram and his companion Aram visit Shandong Jiu Road Parking Equipment Corporation for business negotiation, They placed order of  6 sets of vertical rotary parking system at the site of shandong jiuRoad, and signed the strategic cooperation agreement. RABAT company mainly engaged in international trade, have branches in Iraq, Iran, Fujian shishi, Zhejiang Yiwu and other places etc.
   Chairman of Shandong Jiu Road parking Mr Chen Jinshui, warmly welcome Mohammed and Aram’s arrival. and accompany them to view the vertical rotary parking system workshop, viewing the real products working.  In product desplay area, Mohammed test the rotary parking system safety devices in person, great appreciation for this. He pointed out that Iraq under the influence of their special national circumstances, there will be temporary power outage, Jiu Road parking system with car over-long parking detection, anti-dropping and manually operate the rod then the car can be released automatically in case the power outage (also can be equipped with standby generator) of more than 10 kinds of safety devices, such this "God's reaction" made him feel at ease.
    Chairman Mr Chen Jinshui said, Shandong Jiu Road vertical rotary parking system can realize the basic "maintenance-free", which reduced equipment maintenance problems and cost for customers. Furthermore Shandong Jiu Road production line adopt "modular production", greatly increased production efficiency,improve the product quality. Chairman Mr Chen stressed that the current parking systems not only in domestic market developed rapidly, international market is also a good trend, Shandong Jiu Road parking just insist on doing "precision products", with premium quality win customer’s love.
    Mohammed said his journey to Shandong Jiu Road parking is a "journey of cooperation", open win-win cooperation in nearest future. Sino-Iraq signed the strategic cooperation agreement for Jiu road parking open a full range of international market laid a solid foundation. Both sides will spare no efforts to deepen cooperation and jointly lead the international parking industry ready at the new starting point recurrence.