Singapore CitiGondola Pte LTD Director Lawrence Visit Shando
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  • TIME:2016-10-29 17:09

    28th,Oct,Citigondola Pte LTD director Lawrence visit Shandong Jiuroad Parking Equipment Co.,LTD for business negotiation,Shandong Jiuroad Parking CEO Chen Jinshui,Vice President Chen Guoyun accompany for visit the workshop. 
    Citigondola Pte LTD director Lawrence Praised Chen Jinshui chairman of the enterprise transformation and upgrading in the "vision" - professional focus on research and development of vertical rotary parking system.Lawrence proposed to watch the prototype of the vertical rotary parking system and from a professional point of view, the fourth generation of Shandong Jiu Road parking vertical circular garage without noise, low power consumption, maintenance-free , Performance excellence. Especially when you see the installation of a three-dimensional garage power outage manual release device, it is praised Shandong Jiuroad parking vertical rotary parking"human" design has "quality not lose Germany". 
    Chairman Chen Jinshui,mentioned that Shandong Jiuroad parking vertical circular garage will participate in the "Shanghai BMW Exhibition" ( China International Construction Machinery, building materials machinery, mining machinery, engineering vehicles and equipment exposition (Virtual Expo), once every two years Held in Shanghai New International Expo Center to provide the construction machinery industry in Asia's leading communication platform.) Through a larger stage show vertical rotary parking system. And pointed out that, with the production process of "high-precision", will realize the vertical rotary parking system operation and improve working speed.
    Chairman Chen stressed that the pursuit of greater development of enterprises first of all to be "strong", must enhance the core competitiveness of enterprises, to produce the most suitable for "China's national conditions," the vertical rotary parking system, because "the most suitable for China is the best"!