China Intelligent parking equipment "white lilies" into
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  • TIME:2016-10-19 16:59

    Shandong Jiu Road Parking Equipment Co., Limited developed the "Pearl White" 12 cars vertical rotary parking system are about to enter Greece liweng city, this is for the city's general hospital specialized design of a smart parking equipment.
    Greece is known as the "White House" State, lots of buildings with blue Windows, white walls. This stems from Greece people preference for white color, white was considered a lucky color, a symbol of Holiness and grace, elegance and solemnity, while the white property is most versatile, known as "the timeless fashion color." Jiu Road parking "Pearl White" vertical rotary parking equipment consistent with Greece culture, architecture to achieve the perfect fit.
    The man who like the white color with ambitious, share the ideals and pursuits, and was a perfectionist. Jiu Road parking "Pearl White" Show vertical rotary parking equipment with people close to nature yet elegant and refined elegance, with spotless Aegean Sea, blue sky, white houses by the sea makes a beautiful and peaceful landscape pictures. Shandong Jiu Road parking is more advanced, the technology of image interpretation of technological excellence and the pursuit of perfection.