Shandong Jiuroad Parking:Make Famous Brand,to do”Ethnic Bra
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  • TIME:2016-11-04 16:58

    People have long been commonplace for famous brand, famous brand is characterized by a very high visibility and honor, and its strong competitiveness of goods, high market share; technology skills, high quality ,beautiful overlook, reliable, excellent service; Sense of security and sense of honor. Shandong Jiu Road Parking Equipment Co., Ltd. Uphold the brand that is "Ethnic brand" (the public opinion brand) concept, user - centric, adhere to the public recognition, buy well, as a standard, professional focus on the production of fine vertical cycling three - dimensional garage. 
    Shandong Jiuroad parking thinking mass thought, anxious public anxious to "user-friendly" design to win the user "dark promised." Urban land than your gold, Shandong Jiuroad parking R & D production of vertical rotary parking system, make full use of the limited land space, so that the number of parking increased several times, effectively alleviate the parking pressure, lifted the people parking . Convenient access to the way people are also the only pet, a button to complete the access to vehicles, so that parking has become more simple, save time for the public. More than 10 security devices, so that people with rest assured, people strayed into place, in place to remind, smart anti-swing and other measures, so that parking really no worries. 
    To meet the needs of individual users, diversified needs, Shandong Jiuroad parking will be the user's idea to introduce design channels, you design, I manufacture. In color selection, exterior decoration, vehicle positioning and other aspects to provide users with a wealth of "menu", the user can according to their own needs, "private customized". 
    "User said good is really good," Shandong Jiuroad Parking Equipment Co., Ltd. that provide users with high-quality service-oriented to do the user satisfaction of the vertical cycle of three-dimensional garage for the ultimate pursuit to solve parking worries As its mission, so that brand-name to become a real "Ethnic Brand".