PCX-14 Vertical Rotary Parking
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  • Origin: CHINA
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Modular type vertical rotary smart parking system:The important point of the modular process which is steel structure design and production process ,which broken the assemble frame tradition,integration combination of the parking industry.which is another innovation upgraded of “create in china”,adopting”synchronous calculation and structure design”manner to ensure the safety of steel structure during install process,pursue better structure,improve the rotary parking system”face value”,superior technology was completely beyond Germany.Using the flexible modular production process equipment ,the mast section can be assemble flexible universal,securely connection and accuracy position.Creative design four-in-one combination of modular frame,high accuracy structure,easy to assemble and disassemble,8-16 car space are be assemble freely.Which can realized standardized production,mass production,which is particularly convenient for the delivery and load container.